Information and Requirements

How can I carry out an import / export?

First we thank you for contacting us.

With the purpose of providing you the best advice it is important to know some details of your project, therefore we ask you to inform us the following:

  • Will the operation be for a single time or do you expect to carry out operations on a daily basis? This will help to determine the type of company that will appear on the customs declarations.
  • Natural Person or Legal Entity.

Also, the following are some data to consider for your next operation:

  • Registration at the import or export registry.
  • Assignment granted by the Customs Broker.

If you have everything above, we ask you to provide us a copy and scan of the following information:

Tax Documents of the Importing/Exporting Company:

  • Certified Articles of Incorporation.
  • Utility bill of residence with less than 3 months of validity.
  • Power of Attorney of the legal representative.
  • Official identification of the legal representative.
  • F.T.R. card of the legal entity issued by the Local Collection Administration (IRS).
  • Home visit carried out by the corresponding authority, if applicable.
  • R1 or R2 if applicable or the electronic acknowledgment of receipt from SAT (IRS).

Necessary documentation to carry out a Foreign Trade operation:

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Permits of Regulations and Non-Tariff Restrictions
  • Development Program (IMMEX, ALTEX, PROSEC, Certified Company, etc).
  • Quota Certificates
  • UVA
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Permits of Regulations and Non-Tariff Restrictions
  • Detailed description of merchandise. Please provide technical data sheet in Spanish of the merchandise and images of the same.
  • Total value of cargo
  • Gross Weight.
  • Specify if it is a container cargo detailing the type of container and measures: 20´, 40´, HC. OT, Refrigerated or if it is a Dry Van, Platform, Railroad carriage, etc.
  • Specify if it is loose cargo, detailing the number of boxes or pallets, as well as the Volume: Length X Height X Width of each one.
  • Monthly Volume of Operations and the involved Customs (Example: 2 containers or 4 loose cargo to be imported through the Customs of Nuevo Laredo).