Customs clearance

At the time of choosing our services for customs procedures, we are committed to you to provide as an added value the support in advice and use practices on your Foreign Trade operations, for which we work in a very personalized way with our clients to analyze their needs. In order to thus contribute in offering and publicizing the different alternatives for its operations and that these are in compliance with the legal regulations, safe, efficient and timely.

Service in USA

Loading and unloading maneuvers.
American Customs Broker Service.
Storage of merchandise in the warehouse and patios.
Reissue of goods.
Shunting service on non-working days and hours.
Administrative control of your remittances.
Railway Terminal.
Consolidation and deconsolidation of merchandise.
Packing and packing of goods.
Authorized tax area.
Control and handling of In Bond merchandise.
Labeling of goods.
Coordination and support in the best transport option.
Refrigerated Warehouses.

Foreign Trade Advisory

24 hours a day, 365 days a year:


We provide you with your access password to our database from which you can obtain all the information and logistics of your foreign trade operations and additional information such as:

General reports of your operations

Management Reports.

Digital archive of all customs documents.

Online reports of: arrivals, inventories and re-dispatches of your shipments in the USA.

Physical visualization of the petition and the Mexican expense accounts.

Informative Gazette regarding customs topics.

These reports can be transferred from our database to our clients' systems to be managed according to their needs.

Database of the pedimentos for its controls of the different customs regimes (IMMEX, Maquila, etc.)

Information on circulars, official gazette, laws and regulations related to foreign trade, surcharge rates, exchange rates, etc.

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